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The Verticy Learning Reading Curriculum

Help for struggling readers, writers and spellers

Research-based teaching strategies rekindle your child's love of learning.

This comprehensive curriculum is designed to keep your child on pace with core subject areas while improving fundamental reading, writing and math skills. The complete curriculum includes:

  • Verticy Core Curriculum: Calvert Core (Science, History, Social Studies, Geography, Art) and Verticy Literature
  • Verticy Reading (Phonics and Spelling)
  • Verticy Writing (Grammar and Composition)
  • Verticy Math (Calvert Math plus the Verticy Math Companion and manipulatives)

Be sure to choose the level of instruction most appropriate for your child, take our free online placement assessment.

Click on the links below to see each level's course materials.

Homeschool Reading Curriculum

Verticy Learning’s Core curriculum is based on the time-tested Calvert Education homeschool curriculum. This classical curriculum has guided children toward excellence and achievement for over a century.

The Verticy program keeps your child on pace with core subjects while improving fundamental reading and writing skills.


Homeschool Math Curriculum

You and your child will use the Calvert math program along with a Verticy Learning Math Companion that introduces new math vocabulary at the start of each chapter.

The Verticy Math Companion includes interactive games and activities to reinforce concepts in a multi-sensory learning environment.


Homeschool CurriculumPhonics/Spelling

Verticy’s Phonics/Spelling course is offered in four levels of instruction, ranging from our beginner level (Orange) to our most advanced level (Red). Based on Orton-Gillingham methods, lessons teach students to think through language problems when reading and spelling. New skills are continuously practiced to make sure children apply and recall information.


Homeschool Curriculum GrammarComp

Our Grammar/Composition course is also offered in four levels of instruction, ranging from our beginner level (Orange) to our most advanced level (Red). Proven, multi-sensory learning strategies are integrated into daily study to appeal to various learning styles.

Your student will grow as an effective writer as new skills are mastered.


Begin the Placement Process

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You can either self-select the Verticy levels best suited for your student, or you can receive a free placement recommendation from our team of professional educators.

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